The Boosted board is designed from the ground up to improve your urban transportation experience. Move through traffic, fly by Public Transit, and never wait for a car to arrive. With Boosted, you can forget endlessly circling the block for a parking spot, and that faraway lunch spot-getting there is a breeze. Do more, see more. Your city is waiting!


A Powerful Ride

With smooth braking and powerful electric motors, the Boosted board is an amazing riding experience. Climb steep hills without breaking a sweat. Apply the brakes to manage your speed downhill or stop on a dime. Accelerate to reach exhilarating top speeds, all while maintaining perfect control.

Choose your range

Choose between the travel friendly Standard Battery for 6 miles of range or the Extended Battery for 12 miles of range which is perfect for longer commutes and epic rides.

Perfect Control

From fast acceleration to quick braking, we pride ourselves in providing a high-performance, bluetooth-enabled remote that acts as a safe, secure link between you and the board.

Built to Last

The Boosted board is built to withstand the demands of daily riding over rough urban terrain. The board is designed with vehicle-grade durability in mind, minimizing downtime to keep you on the road.

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