• Booty O's Breakfast Cereal

Booty O’s Breakfast Cereal

They Make Sure You Ain’t Booty

Been craving a big bowl of Booty O’s Cereal since The New Day introduced the idea to you at WrestleMania? That sweet, sugary, Booty O’s dream has now become a reality.

Booty O’s were first introduced by the celebrated WWE stable, The New Day, as an ode to their catch phrase, “booty.” The group claimed that the cereal makes “sure you ain’t booty” and featured a giant Booty O’s box at WresleMania 32 as part of their entrance act. Now you can order your own box and enjoy a positive start to the day with Booty O’s.

Just Add Milk & Feel the Power

To tie in with The New Day’s image, the cereal features marshmallows in the shape of unicorn horns, trombones, rainbows, booties, and more. This sweet, crunchy cereal is the perfect way to start the new day.

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