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Burrito Blanket

The Blanket You’ve Always Wanted
We all know that inside of each person, there is an inherent desire to become a burrito. As a business, we wanted to make sure that our customers are able to achieve that dream. Therefore, we worked with very talented artist to create a blanket capable of helping you reach your destiny. This 60 inch, microfiber blanket looks just like a tortilla. So much so, that you can roll yourself up in it and look like a giant burrito! No need to thank us though, we already know how happy you will be when you can finally settle down and become your favorite tortilla-based food.

The Many Uses
After purchasing and receiving your blanket, you may wonder what you should do with it. Personally, we recommend a few different options. You could simply wrap yourself up in the blanket inside, staying cozy inside of the indoors. Or, you could bring your tortilla blanket to the beach or park and show off how cool it is to other. And, if the blanket isn’t exactly your taste, you could give it as a gift to someone hat would truly appreciate it. Whether it be a child, teenager, college student, or adult, anyone with a solid sense of humor would love to receive one of these for any and every occasion.

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