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  • Ferrofluid Display
  • Ferrofluid Display
  • Ferrofluid Display

Ferrofluid Display

Sitting at a desk all day can be mentally draining and sometimes you need a distraction. Something a bit more creative and engaging than say, squeezing a stress ball. Ferrofluid displays are perfect for solving this problem. The spYke is designed to be a desk muse. Using a magnetic stylus, you can move the ferrofluid to make very dramatic stringy spikes. The top of the case is magnetic and designed to hold the stylus in place when not in use. In addition, the background is brightly colored to contrast with the ferrofluid, making the spikes pop out.


It’s all about ferrofluid’s most interesting aspect; spikes. Each display comes with a generous 2ml of ferrofluid in a specially configured suspension liquid to keep it “spikey”. The ferrofluid is permanently magnetized by 3 magnets embedded in the base. The magnetic poles of the stylus and base attract each other, allowing you to toss the ferrofluid back and forth, an effect which is oddly satisfying to watch over and over.


When designing the spYke, I wanted to maximize visual impact. To achieve this, a brightly colored background was added to contrast against the ferrofluid making the spikes pop out and simultaneously hide the user’s hand as it moves the magnet.

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