• Jack daniels chaser shot

Jack Daniel’s Chaser Shot

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey on Water Shot Glass – 3 oz No, this unusual glass is not a sand timer or egg cup. The most popular story of its origin comes from the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. There, a traveling salesman wagered with Mr. Jack Daniel that he could make whiskey stand on water. Jack Daniel accepted the challenge and offered a bottle of his prized Tennessee whiskey if the salesman could prove his point.

The salesman then displayed this unusual glass, filled the bottom chamber with water and the top with whiskey and won the bet. Jack Daniel was so impressed that he bought the glass and named it the “chaser jigger.” This glass proves that whiskey does stand on water! First, fill the bottom bowl to the neck with water. Then, fill as much whiskey as you prefer in the top bowl.

The two liquids do not mix until the glass is tilted far enough to allow the water to flow from the bottom bowl to the top! This whiskey on water glass is the perfect single glass for serving a shot with chaser all in one. Mouth-blown glass. The bottom compartment holds 2 ounces of water while the top holds 1 ounce of whiskey.

The glass is decorated with the Jack Daniel’s logo Swing logo and the Old No. 7 Brand Logo Made in Romania. Measures 3″ high. Official Licensed Product. For best results, fill the bottom chamber and the narrow neck of the glass with clear water. Then, tilt the glass slightly to avoid pouring the whiskey directly over the narrow neck. Pour the whiskey slowly into the top chamber.

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