• Never Ending Valentine's Card
  • Never Ending Valentine's Card

Never Ending Valentine’s Card

People always say the thing they’re looking for in a relationship is someone with “a good sense of humor.” If you and your significant other have large senses of humor (and high tolerance levels), then you probably consider pranking each other for Valentine’s Day.

These cards make the pranking easy. Both feature a variation on the phrase “Be Mine Forever.” What’s different is what’s inside. Sort of like a box of chocolates. Except more noisy and potentially sparkly.

Grab one of these Joker Valentine’s Cards, write an endearing message, and deliver it. Once your recipient presses the indicated space, either some annoying jazzy Valentine’s Day music or kissy noises (depending on which card you select) will play for the next three hours. That’s right! THREE HOURS. Lucky for you, an included tab allows you (the joker) to safely sample the sound, open the card, and write your message. Once the tab is removed, it’s like pulling a pin on a grenade. Take cover! Or at least bring earplugs.

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