• Portable BasketPong Game
  • Portable BasketPong Game

Portable BasketPong Game

Xtreme Pong Sports’ Portable BasketPong Game is a revolutionary and portable tailgating game with a compact setup and vertical backboard. The backboard has 8 slots to insert rims in 1 of 3 skill level patterns – Pro, All-Star or Xtreme. BasketPong is designed for 1-on-1 competition or for teams of 2 with a shooting distance of 8 feet and playing height of 6 feet.

This product contains 2 games for full court play. Each unit is designed for portability and breaks down to it’s own self-contained carrying case (28″ W x 22″ L x 4″ D) that weighs approximately 12 pounds per game. Backboard color may vary ( blue/ red)

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