Rune Refinery is ultimately about changing the jewelry game for good! Long story short, it all started when Tyler one of the founders got married many moons ago. He went through many wedding rings made of various materials in his first few years of marriage and was bummed on the look, material, and quality of everything he tried. He even had a tungsten ring blow up and shatter in to a million pieces just from bumping his engine while working on his Jeep.

That tungsten ring experience was the final straw for traditional wedding bands, but the beginning of carbon fiber. That tungsten ring happened to have a band of Carbon Fiber in it that held together while the rest shattered. This was an epiphany, since Tyler was already a carbon fiber fanatic and had worked with it for many years on various applications. So he looked up carbon fiber rings and was shocked at the price tag. There wasn’t a decent looking carbon fiber ring for under $250.

So Tyler did what he always does, he made his own! It took a ton of trial and error learning. He made rings over and over for months till he got it right, but he did it. Next thing he knew he was running a successful small business making beautiful custom carbon fiber rings, mixing carbon fiber with all sorts of precious materials.

Well over a year into running the business of his dreams as a custom ring maker with his favorite materials, Tyler had noticed a recurring theme. He was getting amazing response and love for his products, but the sticker price was just out of many peoples range. Determined as always Tyler spent the next several months working on refining the craft of ring making. Hell bent on making amazing carbon fiber and glow resin rings at affordable rates without going outside the USA for manufacturing and cheapening the quality, once again he did it!

And that brings us to the genesis of RUNE REFINERY, a brand all about high quality carbon fiber and glow resin rings at affordable rates. This project will help us fund the right machinery and purchasing power for materials as well as labor help to bring our creations to more of you!

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