February 2018

Expanding Phone Stand and Grip

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Expanding Phone Stand and Grip A PopSockets grip is a stylish phone accessory that lets you do more with your phone. Just expand to use and collapse to lay flat. Whether you’re trying to snap a quick pic, watch videos on the fly, or text with one hand, it's got you covered. And [...]

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December 2017

Slapsee Folding Sunglasses

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Slapsee Folding Sunglasses These contemporary, trendy sunglasses have a special hinged nose-bridge that lets the wearer fold them in two and slap them-on a wrist, ankle, and handlebars of a bike-anywhere until they're needed again. Silicone-coated arms. One size fits most.  Different colors available. plastic plastic frame plastic lens non-polarized Lens width: [...]

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November 2017

Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

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Motion Activated Toilet Night Light The world’s first Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light (As seen on Shark Tank) Enjoy the convenience of finding your way to the toilet bowl in the middle of the night without having to turn on the bright overhead bathroom lights. Illumibowl will illuminate the inner bowl of the toilet [...]

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Magic Folding Book Lamp Light

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Magic Folding Book Lamp Light This is a beautiful light for any book lover! It's great as a night light because it adds a pleasant ambiance to the bedroom. The white is the brightest for reading, but the red, green, and blue leave a nice hue in the room to enjoy. Plus it [...]

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Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun

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Lock and load with this realistic replica of the World’s Most Respected Handgun. Made from solid hard Maple and Walnut. This beauty semi-automatically fires 6 bands and reloads faster than any other rubber band gun on the market. Comes with 100 bands. Tight. Accurate. Iconic. You’re Welcome.   Modeled after the classic "1911" [...]

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October 2017

Motion Activated Bed Light

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Motion Activated Bed Light Smart Nightlight -- Warm soft glow of bed light will turn on to guide you safely across the room in the dark, no disturbing glare to wake others. Power Saving; Only light up when it picks up your movement, auto shut-off after leaving, further improve power efficiency and save [...]

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Folding Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard

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Folding Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard oldable design - Made of excellent aluminium material,ultra slim folding design and pocket size. Folding size: 5.8"*3.5"*0.7", Open size:9.9"*3.5"*0.2". Compatibility - QWERTY layout with hot keys, Compatible with iOS/Mac OS, Android, Windows and most bluetooth-enabled devices. Battery - Built-in 210mAh rechargeable lithium battery, works for 64 hours continuous use [...]

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Bluetooth Speaker Frisbee

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FRISBEE WITH SPEAKER Play the flying disc while playing music. Great for beach and park. ULTRA DURABLE, Dust Proof, Waterproof, Shock Resistant design. LONG RANGE CONNECTION, With bluetooth 4.0, the effective range of the connection can be up to 100 feet. GLOW IN THE DARK, LED light lit up at night, glows like [...]

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