March 2018

Germaphobe Door Handle Opener

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Germaphobe Door Handle Opener Someday everything will be touch free. Until then, we've got you covered. From door handles to bus straps and the grime in between, get a Gryp and keep your hands clean. Dirty bathrooms with no paper towels? Forget about it. Each Gryp is made of soft, flexible silicone that's [...]

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February 2018

Temp Controlled Color Shower Head

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Temperature Controlled Color Shower Head Thanks to technology, taking a shower has become more exciting, courtesy of All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower Head by DreamSpa! Now you can enjoy luxurious LED showerhead for pampering spa experience! Vibrant LED lights change color with water temperature turning ordinary showers into invigorating fun for your entire family. Innovative LED Shower Head Design: Unlike other LED showers with unattractive clear plastic face, our unique design features extra-large [...]

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