May 2019

Golf Club Drink Dispenser

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Golf Club Drink Dispenser The Golf Club Drink Dispenser is the clever, convenient way to carry your favorite hot or cold beverage onto the golf course. It looks like an ordinary driver and fits right in your golf bag. But it’s actually an insulated beverage container that keeps 52 oz. (1.5 liters) of [...]

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July 2018

Golf Club Hangers

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Golf Club Hangers Heavy Duty Construction - Made from previously used irons - Standard 17 inch hanger span - Personalized magnetic ball markers can be added These heavy duty hangers are made from upcycled golf clubs. All of these clubs have had some lovin' applied in previous years, so some of the "love" [...]

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May 2018

Golf Backyard Pool Game

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Golf Backyard Pool Game Play a round of golf in your swimming pool or backyard with the ultimate Aqua Golf Backyard Golf Game. Chip onto our floating island green with our 12 hook and loop golf balls. Tee up your shot on the 1 ft x 2 ft chipping mat and aim for [...]

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January 2018

Potty Putter Toilet Time

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Potty Putter Toilet Time The Potty Putter comes complete with a putting green made from the same professional carpet found at miniature golf courses, a cup with a flag, 2 golf balls, a putter and a 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger. A great item for the devoted golfer and for those looking to [...]

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Mini Indoor Golfer

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Mini Indoor Golfer Playing golf indoors is usually limited to just putting since a full swing leads to broken...everything! With Mini Indoor Golf, you can enjoy the pleasure of a well-hit drive sailing through the air without leaving your home. Instead of taking a swing yourself, grip the full-size club and squeeze the [...]

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