August 2018

Shark Attack Pool Float

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Shark Attack Pool Float f you’re chomping at the bit to get into a bathing suit, sunscreen, and the deep end of the pool, we’ve got just the thing. Our new XL Shark Pool Float is BIG fun for poolside play, chillaxin, or you know—a casual snack (what? too soon?). It’s over 4 [...]

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July 2018

Shark Attack Mug

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Shark Attack Mug Drinking coffee used to be so safe. The only thing you really had to worry about was burning your lips. Alas, now the danger level has been increased tenfold. There's a great white shark on the loose in the kitchen. We think it's... oh no. Did you hear something? We [...]

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June 2018

Sharkini Swimsuit

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Sharkini Swimsuit Feature: Cut out shark bite style with shark teeth, One Off Shoulder with Chain Strap Material: Cotton, Polyester; Pattern: Patchwork The shark mouth style swimsuit is a perfect full-coverage option for active beach days! ! Perfect for beach, aqua bathing, swimming pool, vacation holiday trips, water parks and more Drunk Buy [...]

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November 2017

Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag

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Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag The original Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag design was an idea born from the creative mind of artist Kendra Philips, a marine life enthusiast. Feeling strongly that sharks are poor victims of both media sensationalism and inhumane fishing practices, Kendra used a college course assignment to present the primitive creature [...]

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