December 2018

Tactical Christmas Stocking

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Tactical Christmas Stocking The TERRATAC Tactical Christmas Stocking is a new, more rugged take on an old holiday tradition. The 17.5” x 11” custom Christmas stocking was made specifically for die-hard tactical enthusiast. It's constructed from rip-stop Nylon and comes equipped with a heavy duty carrying handle that makes hanging, or carrying the [...]

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February 2018

Dangerously Overpowered Laser

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Dangerously Overpowered Laser Visible Beam! You can focus the beam to the smallest. You can see beautiful and strong green laser beam at day time. It has safety lock function with keys, you can turn the key to the red point to lock it, and turn to the green point to unlock [...]

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Tactical Military Detachable Mug

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Tactical Military Detachable Mug The early morning is akin to the dawn. As the sun bleeds over the horizon, legions of foes thunder toward you. Laptop under one arm, p/Battle Mug under the other, you're ready for whatever the day is going to throw at you, be it TPS reports or worse. Ordinary [...]

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