September 2019

Scary Peeper Window Tapper

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Scary Peeper Electronic Tapping Window Halloween Decoration - Scary Peeper - Tapping Peeper - The True-to-Life Motion Activated Window Prop - When you really want to frighten their socks off, whether you want to scare friends, family, co-workers or your neighbor’s kids, Tapping Peeper is the perfect prop. Motion activation prompts figure to [...]

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April 2019

Zombies Ice Pop Molds

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Zombies Ice Pop Molds There’s nothing abominable about these Zombie Pop Molds from Tovolo! These playful pop molds create delicious frozen treats in fun zombie characters. The silicone sleeves create detailed popsicles using your favorite ingredients. These popsicle molds include four different, unique Zombie shapes. The molds are made of flexible silicone that [...]

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August 2018

May 2018

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit What if it happens. What if our worst fears are realized. If the Dead walk, the continuation of the human race will become a daily struggle. Are you prepared to protect and defend your family and friends. Your best chance lies in the Gerber Apocalypse Survival Kit, which Includes [...]

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April 2018

Tri-Edged Spiraling Dagger Knife

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Tri-Edged Spiraling Dagger Knife You have never seen anything that compares to United Cutlery's M48 Cyclone Fixed Blade Knife! The 8" cast 2Cr13 stainless steel blade has been crafted into a spiraling masterpiece of design. The three spiraling cutting edges come down to an incredibly sharp piercing point. As with all M48 knives, [...]

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March 2018

Zombie Bowl

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Zombie Bowl When a zombie eats breakfast, it puts a napkin in its lap, pours some fresh squeezed orange juice into a tiny glass, cracks open a human head, and then (pinky out) proceeds to delicately scoop out the brains with a small spoon. And then the zombie eats the brains as it [...]

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January 2018

Vote Zombie Lincoln Shirt

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Vote Zombie Lincoln  We need a change, Zombie Lincoln is here and the only zombie that can do it. Show your support and let the world know Zombie Lincoln can do it! Drunk Buy It Here!

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November 2017

Zombie Plush Slippers

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Zombie Plush Slippers ThinkGeek's Plush Zombie Slippers are undead footwear for your undead feet. The perfect footwear for any time of day, from dawn (of the dead) to night (of the living dead). Take home these oversized plush slippers that look like zombie heads! Let them munch on your feet while you walk, [...]

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