Seek Thermal pitches their Compact product for contractors, to allow them better to identify where a building has leaks or insulation is damaged. And it would be great for that. If you’re on a CERT team, it’d be great to have one in your bag for search and rescue. But we’re brainstorming some everyday uses

  • If you have a huge server farm (or even a tiny closet), it’d be great to walk in and immediately identify machines that are in danger of overheating before it happens.
  • Or check out your switchboard and see which circuits are drawing higher current than the others.
  • Figure out which beer just got put in the fridge and which one’s been chilling overnight.
  • We use night vision goggles when TNRing feral cats, but this would work, too.
  • For folks who are super-paranoid when camping? See what’s outside your tent without stepping foot out there.
  • And, of course, be on equal-footing with those dang Predators. Well, vision-wise at least.
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