• winbot Window Cleaning Robot
  • winbot Window Cleaning Robot
  • winbot Window Cleaning Robot
  • winbot Window Cleaning Robot
  • Winbot clean windows automatically with just the touch of a button
  • Winbot cleans efficiently with 2 cleaning pads and a squeegie
  • Winbot can clean framed or frameless windows
  • Winbot is safe even on windows above ground level
  • Winbot can clean hard to reach and very tall windows
WINBOT: The World’s First Family of Window Cleaning Robots

Why Is Cleaning Your Windows Important? Window glass appears to be smooth but if you were to view it under a microscope, it’s actually porous. Glass contains many peaks and valleys that can capture and trap debris, road salt, pollen, rust, and even calcium deposits. If not cleaned, the glass can become permanently cloudy and need replacement. That’s expensive!

The Traditional Solution to Window Cleaning

For decades, the traditional solution to window cleaning was a bucket, a rag, a squeegee and elbow grease. Tall windows, windows above the first floor and outdoor windows required climbing a dangerous ladder, and some windows were just impossible to reach. A professional window cleaner was also an option, but that’s expensive!

WINBOT is Today’s Solution to Window Cleaning!

No more dangerous ladders. No more moving furniture. No more spraying, dripping or mess. Leave all that behind and let WINBOT do the work!


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